Tax Preparation

Our use of computerized tax preparation software enables our attorneys and staff to accurately and efficiently prepare income tax returns for individuals and businesses and fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts. The tax returns we prepare include:

For Individuals – Forms 1040, PA40, and other state and local income tax returns, and Form 709 (Gift tax return)

For Corporations – Forms 1120 and 1120S (for S Corporations)

For LLC – Forms 1120S or 1065 (if taxed as a partnership)

Partnerships – Forms 1065, PA65

Estates and Trusts Forms, 1041, PA41, and other state fiduciary income tax returns as well as final lifetime federal and state income tax returns of the decedent

Estate and Inheritance Taxes at the Federal level – Form 706

Estate and Inheritance Taxes at the State level – REV-1500 Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return and other state estate or inheritance tax returns


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