Federal Government Relations

Although semi-retired, William M. Diefenderfer, III, remains available to, as needed, direct the federal government relations practice at Diefenderfer Hoover & Wood, LLP. As a former Assistant Domestic Counsel to President Gerald R. Ford, Deputy Director of the Federal Office of Management and Budget during the administration of President George H.W. Bush, and Chief Counsel to the United States Senate Finance and Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committees, Mr. Diefenderfer has served at the very highest levels of the federal government. While serving as Chief Counsel to the United States Senate Finance Committee, Mr. Diefenderfer played a key role in the formulation and passage of the 1986 Federal Tax Reform Act. Mr. Diefenderfer’s experience and the bi-partisan relationships he has formed during his more than 35 years of public and private work in Washington, D.C. provide him with a unique skill set for addressing issues involving the federal government and providing the firm’s clients with strategic guidance in meeting their needs, addressing their concerns, and achieving their goals. If and when necessary, Mr. Diefenderfer and our firm are able to partner with lawyers outside of our firm to put together a lobbying or legal team with the necessary background, experience, and expertise in the federal government areas that may be involved in the issue at hand; and Mr. Diefenderfer then acts as the quarterback of such team. We tailor our work, or the work and the participants in the assembled team, to meet the needs of each client and the nature and circumstances of the issue at hand. Our firm’s capabilities in the area of federal government relations include:


  • The development of strategic lobbying plans;
  • Assembling a lobbying team with the appropriate knowledge of, and relationships with, the applicable Executive Branch or Congressional office(s) so as to initiate or enhance relationships deemed essential to our client’s goals and success; and,
  • Assembling a lobbying team with the appropriate understanding and expertise in the federal appropriations process to secure various forms of federal funding

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