Estate and Trust Litigation

Unfortunately, in the course of the administration of an estate or trust, disputes between beneficiaries and fiduciaries, between family members, or between the estate or trust and third parties do arise. The attorneys at Diefenderfer Hoover & Wood, LLP, each have over 30 years of experience representing estates, trusts, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries in administrative, court, and government agency proceedings in both Pennsylvania and Florida. We have handled a broad array of Probate or Orphans’ Court litigation matters including:

  • Will or Codicil Contests
  • Successful removal of a fiduciary who was misappropriating estate assets and recovery of the misappropriated assets
  • Successful defense of a fiduciary against removal
  • Recapture of assets that had been obtained from an elderly individual through undue influence or abuse of a confidential relationship
  • Appointment of a Guardian 

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